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Amanda Evans Interiors is an upscale interior design firm based in Vancouver in British Columbia. I previously worked with Amanda on a blog refresh a year earlier, but she recently decided it was time to completely rebrand her business.

Previously known as Twenty One Two Designs, Inc., Amanda wanted to rename her business after herself and create a new, high-end, custom vibe to better represent her exclusive clientele. We created the foundation of her new look with a neutral, sophisticated moodboard and incorporated a lavish touch of silver for that extra bit of luxury. We then moved on to create a simple yet bold logo that incorporated a handlettered monogram. Amanda loved the handwritten look since it gives a more personalized touch. Next I designed the rest of her brand, which included a Carrera marble texture and geometric pattern to add depth and dimension.

Once Amanda's brand was finalized we moved onto the print and social media design, which kept in tune with the simple yet bold vibe. Amanda opted for a digital Client Proposal template instead of letterhead, which also tied in to the geometric pattern of her brand. Finally, we worked on her website, which was a full-width design with vivid imagery and neutral tones.


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