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Beverly Bradshaw Interiors is an interior design studio based in Seattle. Bev, the owner and designer of the studio, puts together gorgeous, luxurious interiors that transform your house into a comfortable, inviting home. Many of her projects are on the modern side with colors, finishes, and styles that will make you swoon. As many of the interiors Bev designs are very clean, sleek, and lavish, we aimed to incorporate that same style into her new website.

We created a soft yet fun color palette with some of Bev’s favorites; bronze was used to create an opulent pop throughout, greens were incorporated to give the look some character, and neutrals were used to soften and round out the palette. Afterwards, we took the company’s current monogram logo and spruced it up by changing it from a dated brown to the contemporary, crisp metallic bronze chosen in the new color selection. From there, we designed a polished, sleek, and welcoming website to match the studio’s stunning portfolio and ideal clientele’s style. Beverly Bradshaw Interior’s new website now vibrantly portrays the beautiful work of Bev, enticing you to restyle your house into a home, creating your very own inviting space.


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