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Unzip Your Game was founded in 1997 in Houston, Texas by personal trainer Ricky Ashton. His business was created to provide superior individualized fitness training, basketball training and summer camps, and workout apparel. Ricky’s company has been growing since he opened his doors almost two decades ago, so he wanted a new website to appeal more to his target clients and better showcase his services. Additionally, each summer, Unzip Your Game hosts a three-day basketball camp for kids, and with the booming popularity each year, Ricky also needed a place that would allow participants to learn everything they need to know about the camp and register to participate.

We took Ricky’s current brand colors of red, white, and black and created a more well-rounded palette by including some neutrals and adding a little flair with a kraft paper texture. From there, we created a crisp, modern website to highlight Ricky’s personal and basketball training services; additionally, we included an entire section devoted solely to the annual basketball camp, where participants can easily register online. Unzip Your Game’s new website now better represents the individualized approach Ricky takes to training each client, regardless of their gender, age, or physical ability.


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